Norsepower installs rotor sails on Vale VLOC

Norsepower has announced the installation of five of its tiltable rotor sails on a newbuild VLOC to be chartered by Vale.

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The installation will be the first deployment of the system on a bulk carrier. Still under construction in China, the Pan Ocean Ship Management-owned 325,000 dwt VLOC will have five 24 metre high, 4 metre diameter tiltable rotor sails.

Norsepower claims that its sails will be able to increase the vessel’s efficiency by up to 8% and save up to 3,400 tons of CO2 emissions per year on the routes the ship is expected to serve. If the installation on the newbuild proves effective, Vale said installation would be viable on at least 40% of its fleet, with the potential cut its iron ore maritime transport emissions by 1.5%.

“The Rotor Sails can reduce a vessel’s Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and future-proof vessels against impending IMO Greenhouse Gas regulations as well as against inevitable fuel price increases as new fuels enter the market,” said Norsepower CEO Tuomas Riski.

Rodrigo Bermelho, Shipping Technical Manager, Vale, added:

“Installing five Rotor Sails will maximise our fuel and emissions savings. We are working with Norsepower to ensure this new build is as environmentally friendly as possible and can achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”