Havyard forms new company to promote hydrogen propulsion

Norway's Havyard Group has established new company, Havyard Hydrogen, to promote the use of hydrogen for the propulsion of large vessels.

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Havyard has carried out research and development work on hydrogen propulsion, and says its first system will be ready for approval in principal next year.

“Havyard Hydrogen can now offer a system with 3.2 MW fuel cells.

This will make it possible for large vessels to sail with zero emissions over longer distances. At the same time, the system is scalable and can be used by both large and small vessels,” Havyard Hydrogen says on its website.

Over the past months, there has been a growing number of shipowners committed to finding a hydrogen-powered solution to decarbonise shipping.

Earlier in the year, a report from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) said that regular hydrogen-powered containership services on the transpacific could be a common sight by 2030.