Indian Union Accuses China Of Unofficial Seafarer Ban

This is not the first incident of China banning Indian seafarers. Earlier this year, 18 Indian crewmembers of the MSC ship Anastasia were stranded off the coast of China after being denied entry.

Crew Change Crisis 2.0 – Singapore Bans South Asian Seafarers

Thanks to local restrictions and logistical challenges, hundreds of thousands have been stranded at sea – marooned on vessels for, in some cases, months beyond agreed contracts.

MSC Secures Crew Change for Stranded M/V Anastasia Seafarers

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has announced an agreement to disembark the stranded crew members of the bulk carrier Anastasia in Japan.

China finally grants crew change for MSC bulker, coal carrier queue reducing

The Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC)-owned vessel, Anastasia has been anchored at Tangshan’s Caofeidian Port since September 20 with 16 Indian seafarers onboard, one of more than 50 ships that have been stranded as trade ties between Canberra and Beijing have worsened in recent months.

Stranded Syrian Seafarers Given Nod to Sell Ship at Mombasa Port

For close to 16 months, 11 seafarers have been stuck at Mombasa Port, depending on the kindness of well-wishers for survival after their employer abandoned them.

Coal carrier queue eases off northern China

Chinese buyers of Australian coal are finding new markets to sell their banned substances, helping ease the ship queues in northern China that have stranded more than 1,100 seafarers this winter.

Labor Group Seeks Help for Hundreds of Thousands of Seafarers Stranded by COVID

Hundreds of thousands of seafarers around the world are stranded at sea due to coronavirus travel restrictions, unable to go home or get medical care, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said on Tuesday, calling on nations to address their plight.

Jeff Bezos urged by shipping bodies to support stranded seafarers

“As one of the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs, you have unparalleled influence, which we hope you will use to join us in pushing public recognition of seafarers as key workers, and champion the cause at the highest levels of government, including in the United States with the incoming Biden administration,” the shipping bodies wrote in the letter.

China labels Australian coal as poor quality, 66 bulk carriers and more than 1,000 seafarers left stranded

China has labelled Australian coal as poor quality as hundreds of seafarers languish on stranded bulk carriers off the Chinese coastline, unable to offload their cargoes in the ongoing political spat between Beijing and Canberra.

Maersk Calls for Action as Stranded Seafarers Rise to 400,000

The world’s largest container shipping companies and the United Nations Secretary-General are appealing to governments to resolve a labor crisis that has stranded 400,000 workers on boats, according to a new estimate from the International Chamber of Shipping.

Maersk Tankers Speaks Out on Maersk Etienne's Indefinite Delay

Maersk Tankers is speaking out about the ongoing situation aboard the product tanker Maersk Etienne, which is stranded off the coast of Malta with 27 rescued migrants on board.