Sri Lanka seeks $40 million for X-Press Pearl damages

The ship’s cargo poses a major threat of environmental pollution to the area, as the vessel was carrying 1,486 containers with 25 tons of Nitric Acid, several other chemicals, and cosmetics.

Fire Nearly Burned Out on X-Press Pearl; Towing Operation Possible

A fire that has burned on board the MV X-Press Pearl for over a week off Colombo, Sri Lanka has nearly burned itself out.

Containers tumble into sea as fire-stricken X-Press Pearl lists starboard

X-Press Pearl, the feeder containership which continues to burn in Sri Lankan waters for the sixth day, has listed starboard causing some of the containers to tumble into the sea and sink.

Fire erupts on boxship carrying 25 tons of nitric acid off Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan authorities were able to board the ship last night and they have suggested the fire started from a reaction to the chemicals being transported on the boxship.

Salvors Complete Dive Inspection of Fire-Damaged VLCC New Diamond

The fire-damaged tanker New Diamond is "stable and safe" at a position about 50 nautical miles off the coast of Sri Lanka, the Indian Navy reported Sunday.

Indian Oil Corp-chartered oil tanker catches fire off Sri Lanka

A fully loaded oil tanker has caught fire off the east coast of Sri Lanka, which has dispatched an aircraft and two navy ships to help in the rescue, a Sri Lankan navy spokesman said on Thursday.