Cargo ship sinking in Arabian sea, 5 crew rescued, 13 missing

5 crew reportedly rescued, 13 remain missing. The ship left Kandla port, Gulf of Kutch, on Jul 26, port of destination unidentified, the ship was sailing in western direction.

Aden Port Reports 'Great Difficulty' In Refloating Sunken Tanker

The oil ship 'Dia' which had been moored and abandoned at Al-Bariqah since 2014, a dumping ground west off the main port, reported having started sinking on Thursday.

Tanker sank or sinking off Aden, Yemen

An abandoned tanker on Jul 18 was reported sank or sinking off Aden port, Yemen.

NTSB Issues Report on the Sinking of the Scandies Rose

The National Transportation Safety Board has completed its investigation into the loss of the fishing vessel Scandies Rose off Sutwik Island, Alaska on New Years' Eve 2019.

Environmental Disaster Feared from X-Press Pearl Sinking

Contaminants released from the wreckage of a container ship off the coast of Sri Lanka could be dragged thousands of kilometers by ocean currents, impacting wildlife and humans in far-reaching latitudes.

Charred remains of the X-Press Pearl sinking off Colombo

With white smoke still billowing from its foredeck, the 2,700 teu X-Press Pearl, not yet four months old, started to sink today in waters off Sri Lanka’s west coast.

Ukrainian cargo ship sank or sinking at Bartin anchorage, Black sea. UPDATE

UPDATE: 4 dead crew were recovered, 6 crew were rescued. According to latest updates, all-Ukrainian crew consisted of 13 sailors, so 3 remain missing, SAR suspended until daytime.

General Cargo Ship Goes Missing Off Vietnam

At least 15 sailors were missing on Thursday after a Panama-flagged cargo ship capsized in rough seas off Vietnam, Vietnamese state media said.

New Zealand cracks down on livestock shipping

New Zealand is cracking down on how animals are exported overseas in the wake of last month’s sinking of the Gulf Livestock 1 with the loss of more than 5,800 cattle and presumed deaths of 41 crew.

Documentary Unveils New Evidence in Tragic Sinking of MS Estonia

The tragic sinking of the ro/pax cruise ferry MS Estonia in 1995 is well known, and it is commonly used as a case study in maritime training programs. The Estonia's bow door visor failed in bad weather, leading to rapid flooding and foundering, according to the long-established account of the casualty.