Nigeria Plans to Add Boats and Aircraft to Combat Piracy

Responding to the growing outcry over the increasing security risks for mariners in West Africa and the repeated reports of Nigerian pirates being at the center of the activity, the Nigerian government is reportedly taking actions to enhance security.

Indonesian Navy Catches Five Pirates in the Act of Raiding a Barge

The Indonesian Navy successfully intercepted five pirates in the middle of a theft aboard a barge in the Singapore Strait.

Another Greek tanker attacked, boarded in Gulf of Guinea

Ship’s AIS according to available AIS providers, was off since tanker left Lome, in the morning Feb 8. No other information available at the moment, awaiting updates.

6 Ukrainian sailors rescued from pirates

Zelensky expressed gratitude to Ukrainian diplomats and everyone who had a stake in the sailors' release.

14 crew kidnapped from Chinese heavylift vessel in the Gulf of Guinea

The 1998-built semi-submersible heavylift vessel Zhen Hua 7 was boarded by pirates near Sao Tome in the Gulf of Guinea on Friday, resulting in the kidnapping of 14 crew from the vessel.

Pirate Attack: Italian Navy Protects Tanker in Gulf of Guinea

The Italian Navy chased off a group of pirates attempting to the attack a tanker this week in international waters off Benin in the Gulf of Guinea.

LNG carrier crew member kidnapped in Equatorial Guinea

The 2003-built 138,000 cu m LNG carrier Methane Princess, owned by Golar LNG Partners, was boarded by pirates on Saturday while at anchor off Malabo of Equatorial Guinea.