UK Defense Ministry: Israel ship targeted in attack off Oman

An Israeli-owned merchant ship reportedly came under attack off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, the British military said Friday, offering few other details about the incident.

Costamare takes bulker fleet to 37 with acquisition of 21 vessels

The ships acquired include the 2012-built, 83,500 dwt Spring Aeolian, the 2010-built, 82,200 dwt Jaigarh, the 11-year-old, 55,500 dwt Darya Lakshmi and the 13-year-old, 76,600 dwt Imperial Rose.

Tsunami watch issued for Hawaii after 8.2M quake hits Alaska

A tsunami watch was issued for Hawaii on Wednesday evening following a large earthquake off the Alaska peninsula.

Aden Port Reports 'Great Difficulty' In Refloating Sunken Tanker

The oil ship 'Dia' which had been moored and abandoned at Al-Bariqah since 2014, a dumping ground west off the main port, reported having started sinking on Thursday.

Belgium Expands Vaccination Campaign to All Seafarers

Starting today, mobile medical teams will have the ability to go on board vessels offering single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines to crews, according to the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association which helped organize the campaign.

USS Gerald R. Ford Completes Latest Round of Explosive Shock Trials

The latest Full Ship Shock Trials (FSST) test took place in the Atlantic Ocean on July 16th, on the fourth anniversary of the ship’s commissioning.

Offshore support vessel heavy list, most of 70 crew rescued, some are missing

The accident took place at around 11,00 hrs local time, near the Honghaiwan wind measurement tower in the Red Bay area of ​​Huizhou.

Indian Union Accuses China Of Unofficial Seafarer Ban

This is not the first incident of China banning Indian seafarers. Earlier this year, 18 Indian crewmembers of the MSC ship Anastasia were stranded off the coast of China after being denied entry.

Chinese Hackers Stole Hydroacoustic Data From Vietnam

The accusations, which China has said were fabricated and politically motivated, were outlined in a 30-page U.S. court indictment detailing the activities of what it said was a front company run by Chinese state security in Hainan, a Chinese island province near Southeast Asia.

China Challenges Singapore as Asia’s Top Bunker Supplier

Singapore is facing the greatest competition yet to its status as the dominant marine fuel supplier in Asia, with China luring more ships to its shores following a rapid expansion of its port and refining facilities.

Fugro hired for subsea inspection of Neptune’s Cygnus field

Fugro will be in charge of deploying its survey technology to inspect the subsea infrastructure, including pipelines and structures.

Russian Warplanes Practice Bombing Ships In The Black Sea

Russian warplanes practiced bombing enemy ships in the Black Sea during training exercises, Russia said on Saturday, amid friction with the West over NATO drills in the region and following a recent incident with a British warship.

Mexico’s Pemex Battles Crazy Fire Near Offshore Oil Platform in Gulf of Mexico

A fire has broken out near Pemex’s Ku Maloob Zaap offshore platform complex after a submarine pipeline valve broke, leaking oil into the country’s Gulf Coast.

COVID-19 Protocol Delays First Disney Test Cruise

Walt Disney Co postponed its first test cruise since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic after COVID-19 tests provided inconsistent results for five crew members, the company said on Monday.

Work Starts On Canal Istanbul

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday launched a $15 billion canal project intended to relieve pressure on the busy Bosphorus Strait by laying the foundations of a bridge over the planned route.

Study: Submarine Data Cable Security Deserves Urgent Attention

If submarine data cables are the nerve center of modern day digital age, then the ocean is the heart of this critical infrastructure. Over 750,000 miles of cable connect the world’s continents under the ocean, carrying 99 percent of all digital communications, including phone calls, emails and financial transactions.

Iran claims US will lift oil and shipping sanctions as nuclear talks press ahead

The US government has agreed to lift all oil and shipping sanctions during discussions to revive the nuclear agreement with Tehran, an Iranian official said on Wednesday.

One dead and three injured in boiler blast at Bangladesh shipyard

The accident took place at an SN Corporation facility around 14.00 hrs local time on Saturday.

Boxship ploughs into Santos passenger jetty

Investigators have yet to suggest how the accident, which was caught on video, happened. There have been no reports of injuries or pollution.

Sanctions-busting tankers set for the scrapheap

Vintage ships moving sanctioned oil cargoes could head to be broken up as the Biden administration in the US looks at sanctions relief for both Iran and Venezuela.

Fire Nearly Burned Out on X-Press Pearl; Towing Operation Possible

A fire that has burned on board the MV X-Press Pearl for over a week off Colombo, Sri Lanka has nearly burned itself out.

Chapter 11 filing for Asia Offshore Drilling

Chapter 11 cases have been filed in the Southern District of Texas for Seadrill’s wholly-owned subsidiaries under the Asia Offshore Drilling brand.

The oceans are becoming a large container terminal

We continually read, see and hear news of hundreds of containers fallen into the sea from large containerships with their huge decks full of crumpled teu and feu.

China finally grants crew change for MSC bulker, coal carrier queue reducing

The Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC)-owned vessel, Anastasia has been anchored at Tangshan’s Caofeidian Port since September 20 with 16 Indian seafarers onboard, one of more than 50 ships that have been stranded as trade ties between Canberra and Beijing have worsened in recent months.

Cargo ship attacked in Gulf of Guinea, probably USA bulk carrier

Ships tracks in the area point to bulk carrier ROWAYTON EAGLE. She was en route from Canary Islands to Lagos Nigeria, stopped and then began to loop around on Jan 27, most likely waiting out until receiving ok to proceed to Lagos port.

Evergreen Boxship Suffers Container Stack Collapse Off Japan

The Taiwanese ocean carrier Evergreen Marine announced Saturday that the boxship Ever Liberal lost 36 containers over the side in rough conditions off Japan.

Costa Rican Sailing Cargo Ship Aims to Reduce Shipping’s Carbon Footprint

Some 200 workers from 27 nations are building a hybrid sailboat on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica designed to carry 350 tons of goods, hoping to demonstrate that in the 21st century it is possible to transport cargo without polluting the environment.

Windthrust unveils floating port and installation vessel for offshore wind farms

Windthrust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perth-based National Ports Corporation, has revealed its plans too develop a combined self-propelled floating port and installation vessel for the offshore wind farm market.