Three Missing After RoRo Sinks After Collision With Chemical Tanker

Japanese coast guard ships and aircraft were searching on Friday for three missing crew of a cargo ship that capsized and sank after a collision with a Marshall Islands-registered tanker in the Seto Inland Sea, authorities said.

Japan's Roboship Project Conducts Proof of Concept Remote Control Test

Japan’s Roboship project became the latest group to conduct successful tests of a remote-controlled ship equipped with an automatic collision avoidance algorithm. The roboship proof of concept test took place off the coast of Toyosu in Tokyo, Japan on November 11.

Greek Authorities Temporarily Release Maersk Launceston Captain

The captain of the Maersk Launceston has been temporarily released from custody in Greece as local authorities continue their investigation into last week’s collision between the containership and a Greek Navy minesweeper.