How the Taliban takeover in landlocked Afghanistan will change shipping patterns

Afghanistan had previously been working with India and Iran to develop Chabahar Port in Iran’s east.

Maersk Reports Record Profit in Q2. Q3 and Q4 Could Be Even Better

For full year 2021, Maersk expects an underlying EBITDA of $18-$19.5 billion with free cash flow expected to be a “minimum” $11.5 billion, Maersk said.

Indian Navy Task Force Departs For South China Sea

Four ships, including a guided-missile destroyer and a missile frigate, will be deployed for a two-month period to southeast Asia, the South China Sea, and the western Pacific, the navy said in a statement.

Indian Union Accuses China Of Unofficial Seafarer Ban

This is not the first incident of China banning Indian seafarers. Earlier this year, 18 Indian crewmembers of the MSC ship Anastasia were stranded off the coast of China after being denied entry.

Chinese Hackers Stole Hydroacoustic Data From Vietnam

The accusations, which China has said were fabricated and politically motivated, were outlined in a 30-page U.S. court indictment detailing the activities of what it said was a front company run by Chinese state security in Hainan, a Chinese island province near Southeast Asia.

China Challenges Singapore as Asia’s Top Bunker Supplier

Singapore is facing the greatest competition yet to its status as the dominant marine fuel supplier in Asia, with China luring more ships to its shores following a rapid expansion of its port and refining facilities.

China Sends Two Spy Ships To US-Australia Naval Exercise

Approaching Australia through the Solomon Sea around Papua New Guinea, the vessel joins a larger Chinese auxiliary general intelligence ship that was earlier spotted heading toward the country through the Torres Strait and is being monitored by Australia’s defense force, it said.

White House prohibits US investment in 59 Chinese companies, including shipbuilders and energy firms

This order is intended to “address the ongoing national emergency …with respect to the threat posed by the military-industrial complex of the People’s Republic of China.” It specifies 59 entities that are subject to prohibitions, effective August 2.

Coal carrier queue eases off northern China

Chinese buyers of Australian coal are finding new markets to sell their banned substances, helping ease the ship queues in northern China that have stranded more than 1,100 seafarers this winter.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Group Sails Through Taiwan Strait

Taiwan’s navy and air force were deployed on Sunday as a Chinese aircraft carrier group led by the country’s newest carrier, the Shandong, sailed through the sensitive Taiwan Strait, the day after a U.S. warship transited the same waterway.

Nation’s Busiest Port, Buried in Imports, Plucks Out Toys to Load Santa’s Sleigh

Workers at the busiest U.S. seaport are plucking containers of toys off ships and out of massive stacks of cargo swamping docks at the Southern California trade gateway to get holiday gifts under trees in time for Christmas.

Trump takes aim at China’s largest shipbuilder

Investors have until November next year to get rid of their holdings in these 31 companies including China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and China Communications Construction Corporation (CCCC).

Asian Cruises Resume from Japan and Singapore

Asia has become the latest area of the world to relaunch cruise operations. At the beginning of the week, two of Japan’s larger cruise ships resumed service, and tomorrow the first cruise will depart from Singapore.

Cambodia-China Deal Suspected in Razing of U.S.-Built Naval Center

Contractors have demolished a U.S.-built facility at Cambodia's Ream Naval Base, adding further impetus to reports that the Cambodian government has struck a deal with China for the refurbishment and use of the site.

The Sino-Japanese Maritime Dispute in the East China Sea

In August 2020 China lifted the annual summer ban on its fleet’s fishing in the East China Sea (ECS). Amid speculation that China may use the opportunity to assert its claim over the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands, U.S. and Japanese naval forces conducted a joint exercise in the ECS to deter China.

U.S. Violated Trade Rules With Tariffs on China, WTO Says

The World Trade Organization undercut the main justification for President Donald Trump’s trade war against China, saying that American tariffs on Chinese goods violate international rules.