UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch: Too Early to Tell ‘Common Themes’ in North Pacific Container Losses

The MAIB highlighted recent cargo loss incidents along with other marine casualties involving UK vessels worldwide or foreign vessels in UK territorial waters in its annual marine casualty report for 2020, providing an overview of accident reports and recommendations the MAIB issued throughout the calendar year.

Maersk Eindhoven Cargo Loss: Engine Oil Pressure Triggered Loss of Propulsion

Maersk says a loss of propulsion led to some 260 containers falling overboard from the Maersk Eindhoven in severe weather off the coast of Japan this week. Another 65 containers are reported damaged on deck.

Massive Cargo Loss: Estimated 1,900 Containers Lost or Damaged on ONE Apus

Yesterday we reported that the containership ONE Apus lost a “significant” number of containers overboard during a storm in the mid-Pacific. Today we’re learning more about just how many were lost and it is A LOT.