3 people inhaled poisonous gas, 1 died, Beirut port

Feed was soaked by sea water, which entered the compartment through porthole after the ship developed list, and that triggered gas emission.

CMA CGM Wants To Rebuild Beirut’s Port

French container shipping group CMA CGM is pursuing a plan to rebuild Beirut’s port within three years, despite political deadlock in Lebanon that has prevented decisions on the port since a blast last August, a company executive said.

Beirut Blast: Interpol Red Notice Issued For Ship Captain & Owner

Interpol has issued red notices for the captain and owner of the ship that carried the chemicals which devastated Beirut in an explosion in August, killing 200 people, Lebanon’s state media said.

Lebanon Seeks Arrest of Owner, Master of Explosives-Laden Freighter

Lebanese investigators have requested the arrest of the owner and the captain of the freighter Rhosus.

Report: More Ammonium Nitrate Found at Port of Beirut

The Lebanese Army has discovered more than 140of potentially explosive ammonium nitrate at the Port of Beirut, according to the local Daily Star. The find comes just weeks after a massive ammonium nitrate explosion leveled the central port area and destroyed much of the city's waterfront, killing nearly 200 people.

Massive fire erupts at Beirut port, burns food aid parcels

A massive fire erupted at the Port of Beirut on 10 September just a month after the deadly explosion that killed at least 200 people.

One Month After Massive Explosion, Another Fire at Port of Beirut

A massive fire broke out at the Port of Beirut on Thursday, incinerating a warehouse full of tires and oil within the port's free zone. The same area was heavily damaged in the ammonium nitrate explosion that leveled the central port area and the adjacent waterfront on August 4.

After Blast, Port of Beirut Gets Back to Business

The Port of Beirut is getting back up and running again, despite the obliteration of its central silo pier and an adjacent warehouse district in an explosion earlier this month.

CMA CGM launches humanitarian shipping relief effort for Lebanon

CMA CGM has launched a humanitarian relief effort to ship aid to Lebanon following the devastating blast at the Port of Beirut earlier this month.