Crystal Endeavor completes final sea trial

Crystal Expedition Cruises has completed the second and final sea trial for Crystal Endeavor, the operator's new luxury expedition vessel

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new luxury expedition vessel The MV Werften-built ship’s final sea trial was carried out 20 May to 23 May, before it returned to the shipyard for the final construction to be completed.

During sea trials, Crystal Endeavor underwent rigorous performance and operational tests on the ship’s systems, machinery and engines, including safety, navigation and propulsion systems, and noise and vibration measurements.

The vessel’s captain Thomas Larsen commented “The design and building standard of Crystal Endeavor is outstanding.

Contracted for maximum speed of 19 knots, it has delivered nearly 20 knots during sea trials, exceeding all performance expectations and standards with little to no vibration even during ‘crash stop’ tests in the suites and public areas.”

Crystal Cruises reported that trial results showed the vessel crash-stopped from full speed to zero within 660 m compared with the 1,700 m requirement and manoeuvrability also exceeds standards.

The ship shows noise reduction levels 10% lower than requirements with vibration measuring even lower at up to 80% lower than required.