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Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar Haber Arşivi

Wakashio Captain Confirms He Navigated Close to Shore to Pick Up Cell Signal, But Blames Chief Officer for Grounding

The Wakashio was unladen when it ran onto a reef off Mauritius’ Pointe-d’Esny on July 25, 2020, while en route from China to Tubarão in southern Brazil.

Mauritius Denies Bail to Wakashio’s Captain

Mauritius rejected an application for bail made by Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar, the captain of the MV Wakashio that sunk off its southeastern coast in July.

Maritime Union of India seeks support for fair trial of Wakashio Captain

The Maritime Union of India is seeking support for a fair trial of Wakashio Captain Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar by courts in Mauritius.

Wakashio captain faces 60 years in jail

The captain of the split vessel Wakashio is facing 60 years of imprisonment for failing to safely navigate the vessel in Mauritius waters, reports said.